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What type of a place do I live in???

Yes, this is the state of my country.

A country where the government is critisized to the core but when they do manage something good, something useful, the media and the people still make it look bad.

Knowing the fact that Mumbai is in a bad water crisis situation, knowing that this year had the worst monsoons since 1972, knowing that we have 23% lesser water than wat we actually need, people still went to protest a cut of 15% in water supply by the BMC (Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation).

In case the Corporation did not conserve the water, let it flow and be wasted as usual, water would have run out leading to even worse cuts than 15%. Then too the people would criticize the government.

And this news paper, instead of telling people that the water cut is good for them as it will lead to convenience throughout the year, instead of telling them to calm down and be happy its only 15% cut, the newspaper glorifies the stupid act of many people to be justified and weighs all the attention on the death.

What type of stupid people are you? Do you not realize what is done is being done for you? Are u retarded enough to not realize what is good for you? Grow up you fuking retards. Who the fuck protests against something like this? Its illogical, stupid, retarded and dumb.

As for the person who died, unfortunate, hard luck, sorry, RIP. But you did protest against something stupid. As for the injured good you retards you deserved it.   

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Friday, December 04, 2009

"Jailed Abroad tells true stories of the traveler’s worst nightmare when a holiday in paradise become a journey to hell that ends up in prison abroad. NGC bring real stories from the life of travelers who have fallen prey to local system and found themselves behind bars."

This is how National Geography's program "Jailed Abroad" is described by the channel. Now i have seen the program many times and I do not understand the ethical stand of the maker. Sure many of them are innocents who have been done wrong. But most of them are people who have been caught using or trying to smuggle drugs internationally on flights.

These drugs to not some light ones like marijuana or hash. These guys transport hard core drugs: Heroine Cocaine etc.

Then this program tries to show the emotional aspect of these 'Peddlers'. We are supposed to show pity. Pity for those who would probably get another 2-3 children hooked on to drugs. And people actually feel bad of them!!! Why???

Dumb Fuks... 

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Thursday, November 19, 2009

A loop hole in your advice...

On a recent occasion, I told someone not to listen to crap other people say and to do what he/she feels...


If he/she continues to listen to crap from other people, then clearly he/she didn't take my advice.

If he/she accepts doesn't listen to crap other people say, he/she is following my advice. Which again brings he/she to the point where they are not following my advice which in the first place was not to listen to what other people say.


So no matter what, this advice can never be followed. The basic reasoning and structure behind this advice is false.

So people, i have had enough of this... I m not gonna listen to do wat ur heart feels again...

life of an intern at an ad agency...

I was just talking to some head in my office here at JWT where i m interning...

I was blogging...

He introduced himself...

I told him I am from SIMC...

He said, "so you are an intern, then you should be facebooking..."

How can I say no to a head???

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Why home isn’t home…

·        I am too used to vada paav, chai breakfast.
·        Feeling of uselessness and unproductiveness is a constant mate in Pune… here you can’t feel that way.
·        Clean clothes surprise my nose… make me feel out of place.
·        Money is not an issue… you can always ask for it.
·        Things are not scattered around… you don’t have to spend hours picking up things, looking under them for stuff… nor are there things under you when u sleep.
·        There is actually a time for everything.
·        Hygiene doesn’t depend on you any more.
·        There’s always clean water.
·        You don’t need to go treasure hunting for food.
·        People tell you what to do… and how to do…
·        Compared to the mess meals, all meals at home seem to be delivered from 5-star restaurants.
·        Meals are supposed to be at regular intervals.
·        There’s always electricity.
·        A.C.!!!
·        10:30 is like past bed time.
·        You have to be awake for at least 12 hours a day.
·        U can’t play music 24/7.
·        Now whenever at home, you are working somewhere or the other.
·        Collars are not compulsory.
·        Some of the things around you serve no purpose and are actually ‘AESTHETIC’.
·        Hugs and pecks are rare.
·        Sinks work… Lights switch on!!!
·        There are chairs to sit on.
·        You need not check your wallet before every meal.
·        Alcohol is non-existent.
·        Wants can be made to look like needs. In Pune needs also are optional depending on the date of the month.
·        There is ample time for everything.
·        College= person in front of you, you don’t talk… lost.
Home= Land line + Internet= Always keep in touch… with people you don’t even look at in college.
·        Though bored in Pune too, boredom at home is more boring. ‘I am bored’… the most typed chat words.
·        You are tagged intern.
·        You can only explain to your relatives about 10 times as to career in media ≠ reporter.
·        You are over whelmed with your mother tongue.
·        Randomness vanishes… Everything is planned.
·        World seems dull… colors faded… due to lack of S.I.D.
·        Not everyone you are with is of your age.
·        There is no one place from where u can get all software, movies and songs… pune you have joji…
·        All your needs are already stacked at home.
·        Home = no crisis = no panicking = no fun.
·        Where are the girls???
·        You are bored enough to write such notes.
·        Every time you try and sit on a ‘wall’, mom dad call you back saying if you are jobless, be jobless at home.
·        You greet friends with “How you been? Where’s your internship? How’s the work?” rather than “wanna drink?”
·        Mc Donald’s is not as good as MEGA BITE!!!
·        You can’t justify eating junk saying ‘I’m hungry’…
·        No fresh ATM notes… all of them come via mom.
·        You are provided with ‘In case of emergency money’.
·        Your jeans get washed every two days.
·        You have no one to bug or talk to at 2 in the morning.
·        There is no fantastic 61 bottle collection at home.
·        There is liquor at home which lasts for more than two days and which you cannot consume.
·        There are no WiFi connections to steal from.
·        You can’t bitch much.
·        No scooty back rides.
·        No 1’0 clock airport food.
·        No so many friends to love!!! L
·        No Aditi Shah!!! Sob… sob…
·        Basically, No LIFE!!!

What I learnt in the past few days...

In the past few days, I have learnt a lot, felt a lot. An experience that really made me grow up. Something inside me taught me to be older than me. I have realised the one most important thing in life.

As i told niki:

"I have realised growing up is not about losing your childhood. I am still a kid. Growing up is just knowing when to not be a child".

Hopefully all who meet me now see this side of me... :-)

Monday, November 16, 2009

No Sex Pls... We're indians...

Children in India are born of virgin Mothers.
No wonder our society cant bear to see, hear or even read anything which is even minutely related to sex.
Kissing and hugging is sex.
Holding Hands is Fellatio.
Sitting together in public is foreplay.
Khajurao was an edited temple... the 'YOUTH' made kamasutra in the temple...

So don't have sex... don't talk about it... don't read about it... don't even suggest it... Cause we are INDIANS...

Jai Hind!!!

(the title is not mine... i heard is somewhere...  Horn(y)... ok???... pls???)

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

the two sides of me...

my two sides...

one white... the other black...
one happy... the other pissed...
one high... the other sober...
one angry... the other ecstatic...
one me... the other one not so me...

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Ode to SIMC

For all the true SIMC'ians...

    (pics censored to protect identities of these notorious people)
  • PR is only during the admissions.
  • Teachers have worse english than Manoj Bhaiya.
  • advertsement & porn
  • Journalism is only limited to word of mouth about shit happening in the hostel rooms (literally!!!)
  • Teachers pay more attention to how you say than what you say. (ask Kannagi).
  • The subject of the class is decided AFTER the class starts (Mr S.G.)
  • Sir calls 'lavle' as 'laude'.
  • Editing goes as far as play, rewind, play rewind...
  • Every shooting class is a revision.
  • Some sir has a bunch of pen drives which were apparently 'LOST'.
  • PG takes all our money and then everything is cancelled (including faculty).
  • There should be a time table to keep in touch with the ever changing actual time table.
  • The condition of your facial hair is more important than media.
  • Someone is trying to get into the good books of hitler.
  • College makes viman nagar seem like the 'CITY OF GOD'. (watch the movie)
  • Class is all about critisism and then critisising the critisism.
  • There is only one camera for 138 students but there are 'Touchfree Infrared Flushes' in the boys toilet.
  • Faculty assumes everyone injects drugs.
  • There is a class which people think is actually for sleeping (trust me i dont).
  • When asked to teach till 04:30pm (which is the actual scheduled class) and not cancel the break, the teacher asks if the students will pay Rs. 200 for her auto (Mrs. N.P.).
  • Talks about professionalism only lead to more unprofessional fights.
  • Faculty confiscates phone, uses it, then loses it. (ask Shreya).
  • Everyone is creative.
  • Everone has a script for a short film.
  • Twins don't talk.
I'm Lovin'n It!!!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Aamar Shonar Bangla...

Its seriously amazing how boredom in classrooms is directly propotionate to the creativity while doodling...

This made in Photoshop theory class....

No offense to anyone belonging to any region... this is bangal by me...

No offence guys... take it in humour... good humour...

Abbey Road...

I made this... bored... in the comp lab... sometimes boredom is productive...

I know u... u know me... gotta be good lookin cause he's so hard to see...

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Memories... Fade to black...

Life's A Bitch

Friends... we all have those... some who are still with us and others whom we have lost... long ago or recently...

The someone who knew u best... the someone who knew u inside out... the someone YOU knew inside out... your buddy... is now unknown to you... you blissfully ignore his presence on this planet with the lame excuse of time and distance...

Sometimes u remember him... seein a photo or a sight which reminds u of him or maybe just upon hearing something... then momentarily u remember him... live ion his and ur world... long long time a go... may be u even shed a tear or two...

But then u forget... forget ur times... the fun... the love... the promises to keep in touch... the BFF... the promise to meet every weekend...

New frnds will come... but wats the use??? one day either u or they will have to move again... and on that day u will again learn to forget... to forgive ur betrayal... to ignore ur promise...

Maybe u will make frnds again... but how many times do you wanna go through the process of makin frnds??? How many can u really have??? how many will u really trust??? is not better to retain old ones then make new ones all the time???

One day u will be standing alone... and ur once BFF will pass by you... but ur memory will fail then... u will cease to know him... cause memories do fade u know... u may at tht point wanna give ur life to him... but at tht point not even a part of his life may belong to you... at that point of time he may not have the time of patience to enclose u in his frndship...

Change is a part of life... Life's a bitch... and change is wat makes u a slut...

Sure there will be memories... but how long will u survive on them??? u need someones shoulder to cry on... someone to laugh with...

Memories will fade...

From picture to blur to fade to black...

And remain black forever...

like the burn of ur broken promise...