Tuesday, March 02, 2010

The Agnostic Bastard

Agnostic: Person who believes that nothing can be known of the existence of God.

Welcome to our side of the story. Welcome to confusion.

Non-believers put down believers, believers put down non-believers. Caught in the middle are we, the side taking heat from both the ends. We are the people who ‘can’t make up their mind’ or are ‘too weak to take a stand’.

I am confused. Don’t get me wrong. I was born into a family of believers. I was a devout Hindu believer until I started seeking my own God, until logic started taking form. While debating my rational friend logic, I realized that both sides were wrong.

Let’s refute the atheists first. As they depend on science to refute God, we shall use science to refute them. Science believes in causality. So what caused the creation of the universe, this ‘somethingness’ around us? Moreover, where did all of it come from? Something cannot come from nothing and therefore something must have already existed for it to be created into.

Now let us find flaws with the believer’s side. We were created by God and he is our father the mighty creator. So far, so good. Now if we believe that everything that exists has to be created by some God, this mighty, mega, supreme power; who created God? Does God have a God too? And if so does God’s God have a God too? And thus we enter this eternal loop of questions, which will never have an answer. And if such is the case how is God different from us humans? Don’t we create too?

The believer’s have God as their father; the non-believers are fathered by science. But I am a Bastard, an Agnostic bastard with only skepticism as my surrogate mother.

Am I the Agnostic to blame if both sides are not entirely right? Am I to blame if neither Mr. Science nor Mr. God is endowing us with an answer?

I don’t know and I have excepted that. It’s high time that you Mr. Atheist and Mr. Believer too acknowledge that you too do not know. This is me taking a stand.

This is the Agnostic stand.