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What type of a place do I live in???

Yes, this is the state of my country.

A country where the government is critisized to the core but when they do manage something good, something useful, the media and the people still make it look bad.

Knowing the fact that Mumbai is in a bad water crisis situation, knowing that this year had the worst monsoons since 1972, knowing that we have 23% lesser water than wat we actually need, people still went to protest a cut of 15% in water supply by the BMC (Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation).

In case the Corporation did not conserve the water, let it flow and be wasted as usual, water would have run out leading to even worse cuts than 15%. Then too the people would criticize the government.

And this news paper, instead of telling people that the water cut is good for them as it will lead to convenience throughout the year, instead of telling them to calm down and be happy its only 15% cut, the newspaper glorifies the stupid act of many people to be justified and weighs all the attention on the death.

What type of stupid people are you? Do you not realize what is done is being done for you? Are u retarded enough to not realize what is good for you? Grow up you fuking retards. Who the fuck protests against something like this? Its illogical, stupid, retarded and dumb.

As for the person who died, unfortunate, hard luck, sorry, RIP. But you did protest against something stupid. As for the injured good you retards you deserved it.   

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Friday, December 04, 2009

"Jailed Abroad tells true stories of the traveler’s worst nightmare when a holiday in paradise become a journey to hell that ends up in prison abroad. NGC bring real stories from the life of travelers who have fallen prey to local system and found themselves behind bars."

This is how National Geography's program "Jailed Abroad" is described by the channel. Now i have seen the program many times and I do not understand the ethical stand of the maker. Sure many of them are innocents who have been done wrong. But most of them are people who have been caught using or trying to smuggle drugs internationally on flights.

These drugs to not some light ones like marijuana or hash. These guys transport hard core drugs: Heroine Cocaine etc.

Then this program tries to show the emotional aspect of these 'Peddlers'. We are supposed to show pity. Pity for those who would probably get another 2-3 children hooked on to drugs. And people actually feel bad of them!!! Why???

Dumb Fuks... 

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